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Welcome to Homeland Gunsmithing: Denver’s precision-driven shop, focusing on gun safety, accuracy, and innovation

You’ve probably heard the term “shade-tree mechanic.” In this business, there’s a similar term – “shade-tree gunsmith” – and this term scares the heck out of us! When gun owners use a gunsmith who lacks real experience, something critical is sacrificed: guaranteed safety.

Offering guaranteed safety is easier said than done. It requires a depth of experience, an eye for precision and, sometimes, a surprising amount of innovation. That’s why gun owners throughout Colorado (and beyond) seek out Homeland Gunsmithing.

Here at Homeland Gunsmithing, safety and precision go hand-in-hand.

Owner Pete Hubbard brings over 40 years’ experience in the tool and machine trades as a Journeyman Toolmaker and Manager to his gunsmithing shop. Pete and his team have a constant, unrelenting focus on safety, precision, accuracy, and innovation. We’re located just 30 minutes east of metro Denver in Bennett, Colorado. Rely on us for high-quality gun repair, custom rifles, restoration, and more. And rely on us for guaranteed safety.

Click to learn more about our services:

  • Gun restorations – You can bring any gun for metal restoration, stock repair, slow rust, and hot caustic bluing. And you can trust Homeland Gunsmithing to restore your family heirlooms.
  • Custom long-range rifles and tactical rifles – Are you a long-range target shooter? Look into a complete, customized rifle build from the ground up, by a certified gunsmith.
  • Super-tuning factory rifles – Improve your shooting accuracy. This service can include MarineTex action bedding, G-10 Pillar bedding, and after-market trigger installation.
  • Super-tuning pistols and revolvers – Super-tuning your pistol or revolver offers a range of benefits and gun customization options.
  • Gun repair and maintenance – We can repair and restore any type of shotgun, rifle, pistol, or revolver. Plus, we offer maintenance packages for your gun collection.

Certified Cerakote Applicator

Certified Cerakote Applicator