Meet Pete

Meet Pete Hubbard, Certified Gunsmith and owner of Homeland Gunsmithing

Thanks to my background and training, I have a strong focus on precision.

I have well over 40 years’ experience in the tool and machine trades as a qualified Journeyman Toolmaker. This involved a 4-year apprenticeship with on-the-job training while attending night school classes in math, reading blueprints, and so forth. I spent many years on the bench as a toolmaker, jig maker, and fixture maker. If fact, this was practically a prototype shop, where I honed my ability to innovate.

I also worked many years as a Manager, ensuring my team produced parts that perfectly and consistently met the mark. Altogether, the years focusing on accuracy, precision, and problem-solving has carried over into the specialty services I provide at Homeland Gunsmithing.

I’m dedicated to continual learning, and I believe this is critical for professional gunsmiths.

Things keep changing in this industry, and we need to keep up. I have taken (and continue to take) many classes at the Gunsmithing School at Trinidad State, which is the #1 gunsmithing school in the US and affiliated with the NRA. (Hands-on courses are led by outstanding teachers and leading craftsmen.) In addition, I’m a Certified Master Gunsmith from the American Gunsmithing Institute and a Certified Cerakote Applicator.

I hold a lot of certifications – too many to list here – but the goal was never about hanging papers on the wall. The goal was to learn everything I could. I wanted to learn how to build custom rifles, do action blueprinting, apply Cerakote, restore heirloom firearms, and tackle any kind of repair work. Over the years, I’ve drilled down, deeper and deeper, to learn all I could.

People often ask if I hunt. You bet I do!

I grew up in a small, rural town back East. It was very remote, with nothing else to do but hunt and fish. So I grew up hunting, and it stayed with me my whole life. I’ve hunted in Alaska, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America – mostly big-game hunting. Truth be told, the part I enjoy most is meeting new people, the camaraderie, and traveling with my wife to experience different parts of the world.

Here in Colorado, I enjoy hunting pheasant and partridge. I’ve got a great German Wirehaired Pointer named Riot. We go out hunting together just about every week. Watching her point is like watching an artist at work. She’s a wonderful dog. When you visit our shop in Bennett, Colorado (just east of Denver), we’ll chat about your gun – and you can meet Riot!

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