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A summary on the services we provide – and the results you get

We’ve been in the gunsmithing business for many years. When new customers visit, they often ask about the difference between our gunsmithing shop and other shops. Since we never like to belabor a point, we always boil down our answer to just a few words: precision, safety, accuracy, and innovation.

When you use a skilled, certified gunsmith backed by years of experience and training, you can rely on guaranteed safety. You can also rely on shot-to-shot accuracy over the long run, whether you’re a competitive target shooter, gamebird hunter, or big-game hunter.

At Homeland Gunsmithing, you’ll also get an extremely high level of precision, with a surprising amount of innovation. For example, some of our customers are long-range shooters – including shooting targets at 1,000 yards and beyond. We apply our skills and, where necessary, innovations to fine-tune, customize, and/or maintain their rifles.

Clearly, a small error in accuracy at 100 yards will compound over distance. At 1,000 yards (or more), they will miss their target. This example helps to explain why our 4 favorite words – precision, safety, accuracy, and innovation – all dovetail together, providing the quality gunsmithing services you’re looking for.

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For safety and accuracy, your firearms must be kept in top condition. Please call to discuss an ongoing maintenance and calibration program for your firearms – or to discuss building extremely accurate long-range rifles and tactical rifles.

Contact Pete Hubbard for gun safety, accuracy, and innovation. Homeland Gunsmithing: Denver’s precision-driven gunsmith shop.