Custom Rifles

Certified CERAKOTE Applicator

With a custom-built rifle, everything is tight and dead-on center

Accuracy. That’s the name of the game. Our customers – hunters and target shooters who enjoy long-range shooting – come to us for custom long-range rifles and tactical rifles that guarantee shot-to-shot accuracy over the long run.

The list of specific activities involved in the process of blueprinting and building custom rifles is surprisingly long, and we won’t bore you with it. Just know this: Our goal is to tighten everything to ensure nothing moves when the shot goes off. When the shooter pulls the trigger, we try to eliminate any movement in that action. Everything is tight and dead-on center.

Let’s look at an example…

Let’s say you just purchased an off-the-shelf Remington rifle. Even a brand-new Remington action can be .020 of an inch out of center. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is – especially for long-range shooting. When we’re done with your rifle, everything is lined up perfectly with the centerline of the action. We machine the barrel tenon to match that action. The result is accuracy from shot-to-shot. If you want to further customize your long-range rifle or tactical rifle, bring it to Homeland Gunsmithing for Cerakote coating. (We are a certified Cerakote applicator.)

Homeland Gunsmithing’s custom rifle services include:

  • Complete rifle builds from the ground up one rifle at a time with one gunsmith
  • Builds on Remington 700 actions or any action of your choice
  • Completely blueprinted Remington action or custom actions
  • Surgeon, Defiance, or Stiller actions
  • Hart, Douglas, LilJa, Bartlein barrels or the barrel of your choice
  • McMillan, Manners, HS Precision stocks or any stock you choose
  • Guaranteed accuracy to meet your needs

When it comes to building custom long-range rifles and tactical rifles, we have a favorite phrase: If you can dream it, we can build it!

Attention Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, and SWAT teams:

For safety and accuracy, your firearms must be kept in top condition. Please call to discuss an ongoing maintenance and calibration program for your firearms – or to discuss building extremely accurate long-range rifles and tactical rifles.

Contact Pete Hubbard for your custom-built rifle.

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