Repair & Maintenance

Certified CERAKOTE Applicator

The top goal of gun repair and maintenance: SAFETY

Common gun problems include misfires, extraction and ejection issues, jamming, and feeding issues from the magazine. A frightening issue is hang fire; this unexpected delay in firing can result in severe injury or loss of life.

Unfortunately, another common problem is improper maintenance. All too often, a customer tells us, “My gun wasn’t working very well, so I added a lot of lubrication.” This is one of the worst things you can do. Excess lubrication can get into the trigger mechanism. Add a bit dust from our dry Western environment, and it can cause real trouble – including hang fire.

A big part of our repair and maintenance service is educating our customers. We’ll teach you how to take care of your guns, so you get the most out of your investment. More important, we want to ensure you’ll stay safe.

Homeland Gunsmithing’s repair and maintenance services:

  • We can repair, restore, and customize any type of gun including shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, and heirloom guns.
  • We offer maintenance packages for your single gun or an entire gun collection. Whether you shoot elk annually or you’re a sporting clay shooter who shoots 1,000 rounds a month, regular maintenance is a must. Please call for details.

Attention Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, and SWAT teams:

For safety and accuracy, your firearms must be kept in top condition. Please call to discuss an ongoing maintenance and calibration program for your firearms – or to discuss building extremely accurate long-range rifles and tactical rifles.

Contact Pete Hubbard for gun repair and maintenance.

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