Super-Tuning Factory Rifles

Certified CERAKOTE Applicator

Super-tune your rifle for shot-to-shot accuracy

Consider this scenario: You’ve purchased an off-the-shelf Winchester or Remington, and you want it to shoot better at 100 yards. On average, you’re getting a 5-shot grouping that measures an inch and a half. How can you get your rifle to shoot better, perhaps reduce that grouping to one-quarter inch?

Here’s the solution: Let Homeland Gunsmithing super-tune your factory rifle.

In these bolt-action guns, the bolt is about 80% responsible for making a rifle shoot accurately. We can accurize that bolt by changing the firing pin hole and putting in a different firing pin. Plus, we can adjust lock time and reduce movement by putting an oversized shroud on the back of the bolt, then tightening it up. We can even sleeve the bolt to tighten it in the raceway of the gun.

Here’s something else that contributes to accuracy: How tightly does the whole action and barrel sit in the stock? We can use epoxies such as MarineTex with G10 pillars to tighten the barreled action in the stock.

And don’t forget the trigger! We can upgrade a run-of-the-mill trigger with a Jewell or Timney trigger or a trigger of your choice. These aftermarket triggers give us options for adjustments. A rifle made in a factory environment may have 4 or 5 pounds of trigger pull. If you reduce that trigger pull down to 2.5 or 3 – or even lighter pulls to 6 ounces – your rifle will shoot a lot better.

At Homeland Gunsmithing, our services to super-tune your factory rifle include:

  • Pillar bedding with G-10 pillar material
  • MarineTex action bedding
  • Free-float barrel
  • After-market trigger installation
  • Recrown muzzle
  • Reduce recoil with muzzle brakes
  • Installation of suppressors
  • This all can be done to wooden stock rifles as well

Attention Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, and SWAT teams:

For safety and accuracy, your firearms must be kept in top condition. Please call to discuss an ongoing maintenance and calibration program for your firearms – or to discuss building extremely accurate long-range rifles and tactical rifles.

Contact Pete Hubbard to super-tune your factory rifle.

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